Mountainfilm Festival

An annual film festival held in Telluride, CO

This annual film festival highlights documentary films that cover a wide array of topics. Gathering world-class athletes and artists, this event sparks conversation and shares stories of envirornmental, cultural, social justice, and political issues. Visitors can take park in interactive conversations and attend outdoor programs and events. 

A man enjoys time outdoors at the Mountainfilm Festival

 Dates: May 31st - June 6th, 2021


The Mountainfilm Festival will be a primarily virtual event for 2021. In-person events will be limited to small capacities and will be held mostly outdoors. The online festival will allow for event participators to enjoy live screenings of both feature length and short documentaries as well as speakers, and more! The 2021 lineup has not yet been announced but browse the film archives to get a a feel for the types of films that are featured. As for speakers, this festival has been graced by the likes of James Cameron,  Katherine Gehl, Ben Moon, Shyla Raghav, and many more! Mountainfilm is a can't miss Telluride event! 


Vist the Mountainfilm Website