Telluride Weather & Seasons

Telluride, Colorado experiences all four seasons and they're all spectacular. Generally, winter, late-December through mid-March, and summer, Memorial Day through Labor Day, are the most popular times to visit the stunning San Juans. Next, Fall, the third week of September through mid-October, is sensational with aspen groves awash in gold hues. The window is small though, so don't miss it if Rocky Mountain leaf-peeping is high on your bucket list.  


Telluride Winter Highs/Lows & Precipitation

Although the snowy season can last for a while in Telluride, sometimes from late-October through early-June, temperatures are generally mild. Even on the coldest days in mid-winter, if the sun is out it's beautiful. This is thanks in large part to the dry air and high elevation. That said, the average snowfall in Telluride is around 270" so if you're after classic Colorado power skiing come visit us. 



  • 37° / 5°
  • 7 days


  • 36° / 4°
  • 7 days


  • 39° / 8°
  • 7 days


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Telluride Spring Highs/Lows & Precipitation

Spring in Telluride is glorious. It's sunny, the days are longer and brighter, but it's technically still ski season in the San Juans. Closing Day is generally early- to mid-April. Flowers begin popping up in May, but mid-summer is the best time to visit if you're after native blooms.



  • 43° / 15°
  • 8 days


  • 51° / 22°
  • 7 days


  • 61° / 29°
  • 7 days


Telluride Summer Highs/Lows & Precipitation

Summer in Telluride is sensational and short. So soak it up while you can. Alpine meadows are blanketed in the colors of the rainbow, and hiking, biking, rafting, fly fishing, and horseback riding are available for the adventurous. Days are warm, the sun is strong (lather the SPF), and cold Colorado drafts taste especially refreshing.



  • 72° / 35°
  • 4 days


  • 77° / 41°
  • 10 days


  • 74° / 41°
  • 11 days
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Telluride Fall Highs/Lows & Precipitation

This beautiful, beloved season can also go by in a flash, with aspen leaves peaking the third week of September through mid-October. After that, significant snowfall is just around the corner. Imagine hiking or biking through golden groves with the warm Rocky Mountain sun warming your back. You could blink and miss it, so book well in advance and make your plans early.



  • 68° / 34°
  • 8 days


  • 58° / 25°
  • 6 days


  • 45° / 14°
  • 6 days